Tips on Selecting the Right Old Man Emu Suspension System for Your Truck

Tips on Selecting the Right Old Man Emu Suspension System for Your Truck

Do you have Toyota 4Runner passenger truck that shares the rugged underpinnings of a Toyota Hilux? If you do, then you are in for a pleasant ride. OME focussed on increased handling and control capabilities. Especially when it comes to carrying additional loads where there is a need to offer a modest increase in height of around 40mm without requiring any mods. It would be an idea to develop multiple rear springs together with matching shocks to allow for differing truck setups and shock tuning as a way to optimize comfort, handling, and control.

Can you see the importance of choosing an Old Man Emu suspension system that fits your vehicle’s suspension requirements like a glove? This would be the case whether you are traveling on harsh off-road terrains, utilizing your truck or vehicle for racing purposes or towing a trailer. Each scenario will require unique OME specifications. In fact, these suspension units are designed to handle a wide array of road conditions on any given terrain. OME Tacoma is fully aware of this and goes to great lengths to ensure they carry a large range of OME suspension systems to cater to the needs of their supporters.


The Right Suspension for Your Land Rover Defender 130

You get all types of Land Rovers on the market. If you are going to cross a lot of sand dunes, then you need a larger 4×4 such as the famous Defender 130. This off-road truck is regarded as a rugged, no-nonsense vehicle that has an excellent load carrying capability and ideally suited for any off-road condition. OME saw to it by ensuring Land Rover 130 owners have the right suspension systems fitted for superior ride conditions and handling.

OME struts developed a comprehensive solution that included a range of springs and shocks that offer a sufficient height increase of approximately 20 to 30mm. They go one step further to counteract wheel vibration using a caster correction kit that was made to aid factory steering. Also, they would either replace or modify the front driveshaft using double Cardon joints for the Defender 130. What is more, long travel kits have been made to achieve an additional height increase of 30 to 40mm. As you can imagine, countless engineering hours have been devoted to coming up with solutions to overcome specific geometry issues.


Isuzu DMAX and Selecting the Proper OME Suspension

Just a side note – Most of the suspension development carried out by Old Man Emu was done on Australian soil for Aussie vehicles. Therefore, you may notice slight differences with your truck when in another country. You should consult with reputed aftermarket dealers like Wheelers Off Road as to the best suspension system for your vehicle.

What if it so happens that you have an Isuzu DMAX medium sized vehicle that you use for recreation and commercial use? The good news is that OME developed a suspension system that focuses on increasing the ride height of your Isuzu. For this, they fitted a range of matching shocks and front springs to accommodate for differing truck setups. This particular model has certain limitations with the upper control ball joint, resulting in a height increase of only 30mm and limiting additional height increases. However, an XL leaf was developed to

aid truck owners in fine tuning their truck’s weight carrying capabilities. The good news is that a GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) upgrade is available. Care should be taken not to exceed the GVM limit placed on your vehicle as it will result in a costly fine down the line.


We only touched on some of the most popular models that function pretty well with OME suspension systems. The thing with Old Man Emu is that they manage to achieve excellence with a range of fully integrated suspension systems and 4×4 shock absorbers.

After all, vehicle suspension that is fitted to 4WDs is said to be quite complex. Therefore, several factors are involved in establishing the right OME suspension system for your vehicle. Besides, OME is unique, and the technologies and methods for developing various suspension units are often combined to ensure vehicle owners get the best the world of suspension has to offer. Wheelers Off Road only stock the best suspension systems, which include a broad range of the Old Man Emu brand.

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