Upgrade Your Tunda’s Performance with King Coilovers

I’m taking a break from Nesting Dolls this week and giving you a peek into my other love. Cars & 4×4 trucks. Dolls bring in some money and are a great hobby to keep from going crazy in the winter, but my other love is becoming more and more part of my life. Especially since I’ve installed the King coilovers on my Tundra and Tacoma. It makes logical sense to upgrade your Toyota using Kings coilovers for the simple reason that they ensure that all their suspension systems are fine-tuned to achieve the best results. What is more, they want your shocks to be in perfect working condition. Therefore, they go to a great deal of trouble in making use of reliable suspension suppliers throughout the world in various countries to ensure they live up to their name.

Wheelers Off Road is one such a supplier who provide insight on all sorts of coil overs, struts, shock absorbers, and other components to their valued supporters. Tundra owners know that and often pick the brains of their front office staff as to what kind of King Suspension system would be best.

If you happen to be the proud owner of a Toyota Tundra, have you considered upgrading your ride using coil overs by King Shocks? The transition is super easy to achieve thanks to the timely input offered by guys like Wheelers Off Road. What is more, you get to customize the colors and finishes of your suspension system and do not have to settle for the conventional king-blue components they would usually supply you with. Other finishes include; color powder coating, color anodizing, chrome painting, black zinc coating, as well as gold plating. Only your imagination limits you.

Fit Your Ride with King Performance Shock Upgrade Kits
These are direct bolt-on coil overs for your Tundra and are custom tuned to ensure you achieve the ultimate balance concerning off-road handling and performance. The kit you’ll receive comes with all the necessary hardware needed for a trouble-free bolt-on installation you can even do over the weekend if you so wish. It gets even better in that custom length cylinders and shafts are made available to match any brand and be compatible with any size lift kit. Additional choices include custom colors, compression adjusting reservoirs, race-spec valving, and external or internal bypass tubes.

What Makes the King Brand so Special?
The thing is that the coil overs and shocks are all hand-built as are all the performance race shocks that King Shocks became known for. Tundra owners will do themselves a favor having coil overs fitted as they are fully tunable, serviceable, and can be rebuilt according to your particular specifications to last you a lifetime.

All you need is a couple of hand tools, sometime, and the appropriate replacement parts so kindly provided by your supplier. If you would prefer, you can always have the necessary tuning done for you within a short period. This is what we call customer satisfaction to the highest degree.

Fitting Your Tundra with a Front Coilover Internal Reservoir
On the other hand, you may only wish to install a front King coilover springs to your Tundra truck. In this regard, the King OEM performance kit that is can also be custom tuned is a good choice. The front coil over kit has been subjected to real world testing conditions to develop the spring rate and optimal damping curve required by most off-road vehicles. Also, it is super easy to bolt it on for trucks that are equipped with aftermarket lifted suspensions.

What attracts Toyota Tundra owners to these coil overs are some of the following features:
– Lightweight anodized aluminum reservoirs that dissipate heat quickly and efficiently without giving way to rust coming from gas charging contamination
– Fittings get mated to Aeroquip high-pressure hoses that serve a pretty useful purpose in that it resists kinking and abrasion
– Internal threading within the top cap that fits over the shock body enables super smooth piston travel on the inside of your shock absorbers
– All Coilover shocks get machined using King’s truncated threads that are designed to ensure ultimate strength as well as trouble-free height adjustments and spring preload
– What is really nice is the pinch bolt coil adjuster nut that allows you to retain the coil preload adjustment made without damaging the threads in the process, similar to a screw style collar
– The high strength rod ends are made to allow for proper clearance, and the Teflon lined bearings ensure a smooth articulation that is long lasting without any metal to metal contact

The best part is that the coil overs under discussion over here are specially valved for Toyota Tundra’s and Tacoma’s. You can be sure that Toyota Truck owners are more than pleased with the fact that they can turn to local suppliers like Wheelers Off Road to get some valuable advice concerning which King Shocks would be best suited to their needs.