Vacation Time! We’re Rafting the Rogue River!

Vacation Time! We’re Rafting the Rogue River!

First of all you all know Nesting Dolls are a huge part of my life, with the blog, youtube channel and store but there comes a time when I just need to break out and do something a little crazy. So I decided to head over to Oregon with my family and adventure out on a 3 day rafting trip with To say the least it was a f*@#ing blast. (Excuse my Pirate Mouth)

Can you picture anything remotely more amazing than Whitewater Rafting as the adventure of a lifetime? It gets even better when you get to admire what is known to be one of the seven wonders of the world. Who would want to miss such an experience? Especially if you can share it with family and friends.
Wow! The ability to navigate the famous Grand Canyon is epic. Exactly what the doctor ordered as it get your pulse racing, which offers various health benefits for the whole family. Gazing at the Canyon’s dizzying heights is something to marvel at during any time of the year. What an adventure. Pretty awesome by any standards!

Did you know that the Grand Canyon extends up to 277 miles long while it is over a mile deep? What is more, it was thanks to Spanish explorers that the majestic Canyon got discovered. Many a visitor over here immediately recognizes this great miraculous wonder that is full of surprises in that it offers various historical points of interest to anyone who ventures out. Would you believe it that there are a community who lives along the bottom of the mighty Canyon within the Supai village, still gets their mail delivered via a mule train?
Waterfall Rafting
Enough said. You are encouraged to discover what attracts many a visitor to the famous Grand Canyon. Adventurists from all over have a strong interest in the mighty, yet powerful Colorado River. Rafting on board this River and the Rogue River is what peeks the interest of young and old.

Adventurers on Offer to Die For

All kinds of activities can be expected when you book your time away on board the Grand Rogue River with top excursion companies like Orange Torpedo Rogue River Rafting Trips. Typically, one can look forward to enjoying numerous sights, hiking the Canyon, capturing gorgeous nature scenes and marveling at the bountiful wildlife that abounds in the vicinity.

However, none of the activities mentioned over here beats rafting the Rogue River or even the Colorado River. It sure is a popular way to discover your inner self, form lasting friendships and giving yourself a good internal and external workout. It is one way to experience the majestic wonders of the Grand Canyon.

What are some of the things you will encounter when tackling an adventure of this nature? Well, you will face numerous exciting challenges that range from a one-day excursion to multiple day trips. It is your choice of course what package you opt for. Guided tours are highly recommended. Especially if you go with the experts at Orange Torpedo as it will maximize your experience on board a raft while wading through the various torrents of the Rogue River. There is no better way to explore the exquisite nature scenes than immersing yourself in adrenaline pumping activities.

Best to be aware that fun-filled activities like rafting fill up quickly. So book as soon as you possibly can.
Preparing for Your Wild and Exciting Rafting Experience  

One is guaranteed lots of fun when spending time away from home on board the Wild and scenic Rogue River. Just kidding! It is not as scary as some would make it out to be. Rafting this river is super fantastic and exciting. It is everything you can ask for and more!

Once you’ve booked with companies like Orange Torpedo Trips, it is time to get yourself ready. You should ensure you have everything needed so you can look forward to the best time of your life with no hiccups along the way.

Most of the major things are already covered by the Rafting Tourist Company, like your food and shelter. Here is a couple of items you need to tag along with you:
•    Sturdy backpack and robust sleeping bag
•    Change of clothing
•    Some snacks to ensure you can satisfy any unforeseen hunger pangs
•    A few essentials like a toothbrush, soap, and shampoo
•    And more
Orange Torpedo - Rogue River Rafting Excursions
It would be considered a wise decision to discuss what else is needed for the excursion company of your choice. They are after all the experts in the field of rafting and will most likely provide you with a list of things you need to bring along with you so you can enjoy your adventure on board the Rogue or Colorado River to the fullest extent.